The Girl in the Cafe at Soho Bikes

23 May 2017
TGITC x Sohobikes coffee

The Girl in the Café is taking over Soho Bikes for four weeks, serving her own coffee and delivering her own trademark friendly hospitality and conversation…


So how to build a brand in coffee? The Girl in the Café, Celeste Wong has eschewed the familiar male dominated competition circuit and managed to develop her strong brand by combining years of coffee experience as a barista and writer with media savvy use of the internet and social media. It’s not all about her image and hashtags however, Celeste’s coffee credentials are seriously legit: after working as a barista for years at some of London’s top cafes and simultaneously working as an actress, she has written about coffee for a range of major publications, produced a range of coffee related short films and interviewed coffee people and reviewed gear on her website. Celeste has built a strong reputation and brand and we featured her in our Women in Coffee article.


The Girl in the Café has retail available on her website and in Soho Bikes including her coffee roasted by the Roastery Department in Mile End. She is serving her own coffee as espresso and filter – currently a Cameroonian coffee – Mentang – from a co-operative run by Matti Foncha in the Boyo Hills. To choose this, she collaborated with The Roastery Department’s Dumo Mathema. Dumo roasted the espresso and filter to slightly different profiles though emphasising purple fruits in both roasts. The espresso is balanced with a soft berry acidity and caramel notes that combine wonderfully with milk. The filter version is dominated by ripe red and purple berries with a similar, though lighter, caramel and milk chocolate finish.



The coffee is available for retail at Soho Bikes and on Celeste’s website and is available wholesale for UK cafes. Celeste used her preferences and experience as a barista (and previously in creating custom blends for cafes) to come up with a brief – an idea of what she wanted in a coffee. Celeste notes, “I am always on a quest for a balanced coffee that takes me on a short pleasant journey…and is easy to work with.” Coming soon will be other micro-lot coffees that she is selecting in collaboration with Dumo. Each The Girl in Café coffee will be a relatively small lot and it’s really a case of getting in quickly to taste each coffee before it runs out whether you are a customer or a café looking to serve it.


Soho Bikes is one of Soho’s friendliest and most relaxed coffeeshops and a perfect fit for The Girl in the Café’s accessible simple coffee approach. You can come down to Berwick Street, taste the coffee, buy coffee for home and meet Celeste. She has taken over their Instagram too, it’s normally a fairly male-orientated business so she has managed to add her own touch. It’s worth mentioning that Soho Bikes is a great place for bikes, they specialise in mountain bikes but repair all types. It’s wonderful to see this type of independent business still flourishing in Soho.



Go pay a visit to The Girl in the Café at Soho Bikes over the next few weeks…