Multi-roaster Coffee Cupping at Taylor St Monument

31 May 2017

Main photo courtesy Aquiares Estate


Taylor Street Baristas are hosting a cupping at Monument this Thursday 1st June at 6pm to taste coffees from a range of roasters and origins…


These days there is wider choice than ever of quality coffees. When we’re beginning your coffee journey there can be a lot to take in as we build up your preferences…country of origin, varietal, roasting style, roaster, producer/farm, terroir, processing, brew method…among others these are some of the variables. To make it more complex a coffee from say an Ethiopian region can taste very different season by season. This particular issue has led to coffee sources Nordic Approach naming Ethiopian coffees by taste profile rather than geographical origin.


Ripe coffee at Aquaries Estate


So what to do? How do we taste a bucketload of coffees to find out what we like and develop our palate without forking over shedloads of cash? How do we learn about coffee without being patronised or lectured at? This is where ‘cuppings’ come in. Cuppings might sound weird but really they are simple affairs. Coffee is brewed in the simplest imaginable way with coffee grounds immersed in bowls of hot water which are then slurped using spoons. It’s not an intimidating affair, anyone can come along, taste lots of coffees and see which they prefer.  


On Thursday there will be an exciting range of coffees including coffee from Five Elephant in Berlin, Colonna Coffee in Bath, East London’s Union Hand Roasted, Workshop Coffee and of course, Taylor St Baristas’ own roasts among others. It will be a chance to sample Taylor St's June selcection of coffees. The range of coffees available will include coffees from Ethiopia, Brazil, Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica – specifically the wonderful carbon-neutral Aquiares Estate we featured back in August last year. We are delighted to have head barista Jordan lead the cupping for us.


Where: Taylor St Baristas Monument

2, Botolph Alley, London EC3R 8DR


When: 6pm …come promptly if you can


See you there…