Mini Coffee Symposium with Merry Corky White

06 Jul 2016

This coming Monday evening (July 11th) there is a special event at Prufrock. Five talks in one evening curated by Merry Corky White, author of Coffee Life in Japan and featured on the cover of this month’s excellent Standart magazine. Anthropologist Dr White lectures worldwide on the coffee and food cultures of Japan and her talks are not to be missed as she explores aspects of Japanese culture such as the place of hospitality and the lack of separation of art and craft.


Also featured will be Gus Ranatore who founded Toscanini’s in Cambridge Massachusetts in 1981. The New York Times once called Toscanini’s the best ice cream in the world. Flavours have included blueberry pancake, burnt caramel and blackberry lime. Jeremy Challender and Gus have promised to create the ultimate coffee milkshake for us to try too.


Cocoa Runners present the world’s premium chocolate for us by mail and for sale in cafes such as Prufrock. Spencer Hyman (whose previous jobs have included translating Monopoly into Japanese and being chief of operations at is back at Prufrock to deliver a presentation on chocolate fermentation.  Spencer’s previous talk at Prufrock was a sell out.


Pavilion’s fermentation guru Luke Bynre-Perkins who’s also their head of coffee will deliver a talk and demonstration on Kimchi preparation and discuss the finer points of lactic fermentation in vegetable preservation. We used to talk music, bread and coffee with Luke way back and kimchi has to be one of our favourite subjects so we’re really looking forward to this.


Ben Wurgaft describes himself (among other things) as a future food ethnographer). Very much the polymath having also studied modern European intellectual theory and written the much lauded Thinking in Public, Ben has also written about food since right after college and co-authored World Food History with Merry Corky White. Ben will deliver a talk on the history of the coffee shop.


Each talk is expected to last around 20-25 minutes with opportunity for a little Q and A. It certainly looks a fun and fascinating evening and is expected to run from 7 ‘till 11. £25 seems a bargain entry fee. You can book online here


Prufrock, 23-25 Leather Lane, London EC1N 7TE