Workshop Coffee Co. - Holborn

wshop hol

This is an elegant café. It gives the impression of spaciousness with classy clean lines fitting well with a business orientated area (Amazon’s UK HQ is above). The girders, pipes and roofing have all been painted beautifully to give a unified colour theme. Great use is made of the Workshop logo in a mirror feature and the beautiful, extensive marble bar catches the eye immediately. Sixteen square metres of Calcutta Marble expertly fitted into a cleverly designed bar.

It’s not all about looks though. This place delivers on the coffee front as we all expected. James Bailey is often seen manning the machines and marshalling the troops. The espresso here is superb and along with AeroPress, batch brew is also served - a clever addition to a City location like this.

The beast-like Fetco machine is half hidden in a back room and fed by its own dedicated EK 43. What this machine allows is the efficient, cost effective production of high quality filter coffee for the range of customers Holborn attract. Priced competitively, it will hopefully encourage more customers to opt for a filter experience (even perhaps takeaway customers). On my first visit the batch brew was good but by the second visit days after opening, tweaks had been made and the batch brew was superb. This coffeebar is a great addition to the London scene and it’s lovely to see Workshop both incorporating successful design elements of their Clerkenwell and Marylebone cafes while also having the vision to do something new and clever.

Review by Phil Wain.