Story Coffee

Story Coffee

Story have brought Square Mile Coffee to Battersea. They combine dedication to quality coffee with a welcoming, community-orientated space serving a range of filter options as well as espresso. Their name reflects the essential feature of speciality coffee: transparency of origin. Story aim to tell their customers the origins and processes behind the products they offer.

The café serve a range of fresh food. Pastries are from Comptoir Gourmand in Bermondsey, bread from Brixton’s Bread Bread, organic fruit and vegetables are sourced from local markets and milk is delivered fresh from Goodwood farm. Story take tea as seriously as they do coffee, taking great care with their teas sourced through Lalani & Co.

The space is well lit from huge windows and seems bright and airy with its light walls and gorgeous hexagonally themed bar. The design makes great use of a relatively small space.

Battersea has opened a new chapter.

Review by Phil Wain. Photo courtesy of the cafe.