Pavilion - Broadway Market


Rob Green opened Pavilion Cafe in Victoria Park in 2007. Since then it has  developed a great reputation with locals and serves quality Square Mile coffee at all their spaces. As if that wasn't enough, they bake what I consider the best bread in London.

This latest outlet is all about the bread but doesn’t neglect the coffee by any means. It’s a beautiful classic bakery setting that allows the wonderful breads to be rightly showcased. Sourdoughs, wheat-less rye loaves, baguettes, croissants and pastries take centre stage and a Victoria Arduino Black Eagle is tucked away at the side of the store alongside grinders and batch brew. Pavilion have a long and productive relationship with Square Mile and use their coffee exclusively for both espresso-based drinks and batch brew filter.
In the early years, Rob had a tea stall on Borough Market, and Pavilion are still using the same tea that he started it all with – from Greenfield Farm Organic Life. They work directly with the estate owners having built a strong friendship and working relationship with them over the years. Don’t miss the Calabrian olive oil either.
It’s great to see Pavilion establishing themselves as a friendly, high quality bakery very much embedded in their local community within the buzzing Broadway Market scene. It’s also good to see that staff are paid the London Living Wage.
There’s no seating, but it’s a neat place to stand, chat, drink coffee and pass the time. Come in and say Hi to Luke, Rob, Vinnie and Michaela.
Note: they close daily when they sell out of bread.
Review by Phil Wain.