Antipodes: places diametrically opposite each other on the globe. Appropriate, as Antipode is wedged between two direct opposites: the monstrous Hammersmith flyover and the plush Victorian houses of Fulham. Even more appropriate as the owner is Antipodean himself, like many other speciality cafe owners in London. 

Serving Nude coffee and a selection of light sandwiches and salads (with a twist; the raw “massaged” kale salad for example) Antipode offers the Hammersmith office workers relief from the bland cafe chains, as unwelcoming as the flyover itself. At night the cafe transforms into a bar offering wine, cocktails and (you guessed it) Australian beer.

Antipode has planted a seed of change on Fulham Palace road, with other interesting restaurants popping up in its wake. Soon this will be a vibrant and charismatic high street, the direct opposite of the Hammersmith flyover.   

Review by Claire Gordon-Webster.