46b Espresso Hut


Despite the substantial growth of quality cafes lately, the number of excellent neighbourhood coffee shops outside central London can still be counted on one hand. Amongst these is Homerton’s 46b Espresso Hut, which deserves considerable praise for both the quality of the coffee served and the distinctive atmosphere of the cafe.

Owners Eva and Dom bring a thoughtful approach to the cafe situated on the ground floor of a quaint 18th century townhouse that has been used for such diverse purposes as a chocolate factory and a motorcycle garage in the past. The idiosyncrasies of the space are evidently in expert hands and the local community has embraced it. The coffee is served by Eva who expertly handles Square Mile beans on the Synesso, with filter coffee available in the mornings. Dom produces an original menu of memorably delicious sandwiches on bread from E5 Bakehouse, making use of the wide range of quality produce in the area. It’s fair to say that more than any other coffee shop opening over the past few years, this cosy cafe has captured the heart of London’s coffee community.

Review by Derek Lamberton, photo by Anna Jacobsen.