About us

Since 2010, Blue Crow Media's London's Best Coffee app and paper maps have been championing speciality coffee by helping people find quality independent cafes in the capital. The cafes listed on this site all serve coffee sourced from the finest farms, roasted by leading roasteries and prepared by the best baristas in London.


London's Best Coffee, now edited by Phil Wain, was originally edited by Derek Lamberton, the founder of Blue Crow Media, an independent city guide publisher. The following contributors ensure that the website and app are continually up-to-date and that the growth of London's coffee culture is easily accessible to everyone. 


Chloe Callow - A contributor to the app, Chloe has been writing about coffee, chocolate, cocktails and more since 2011 as The Faerietale Foodie. She makes a terrific doughnut and knows a thing or two about water filtration. Find Chloe on Twitter @faerietalefoody.


Alex Stewart - Alex started writing his coffee blog a few years ago and has since been a regular features contributor to Caffeine Magazine. He also writes about sport for various magazines and sites. You can find Alex’s writing at Liquid Jolt, and follow him on Twitter @afhstewart.  


Phil Wain - Phil has been observing and writing about the development of the London coffee scene since 2008. His London coffee map has been leading people to quality cafes since 2010 and he has contributed regularly to our London's Best Coffee app and Caffeine Magazine. Find Phil on Twitter @philwbass.


Our apps and maps are all available for sale on our publisher's website at www.bluecrowmedia.com. London's Best Coffee is on Twitter @coffeelondon.